Sunday, November 5, 2023

In Which We Get Pizzas From The GDDG And Are Not Ashamed

Hoo boy. Another day. Vergil spent it on our roof and Mr. Moon spent it cutting boards and handing them up to Vergil. I am sure there was more involved than that but that was the gist of it, I think. 

The boys and Jessie and I hung out all day. We started out playing "Life" which August is obsessed with. We didn't finish the whole game but we had a rousing time for a while. I never played Life before my elder years and it's sort of a lot for me. Insurance? Taxes? Careers? Salaries? Deeds? Education? Plus a lot of other stuff. It's a lot like...Life. But as with Monopoly it's good for the boys as the money aspect teaches them math and they can practice reading as the game goes along. 

I forget why we took a break. Maybe just because we wanted to. Jessie got in her Daddy's chair with some pillows and a heating pad and she and the boys and Sophie watched some TV. 

I swear, Sophie's face is in there somewhere. 
While they were chilling, I took the trash to the dump and stopped at the post office where they have put up a Christmas tree. 

This is the first Christmas tree at the Lloyd post office I can remember. Now, the dump always decorates but the post office? Not so much. 

When I got back, the boys and I walked down to the GDDG to get a glue stick which they needed and some frozen pizzas to heat up for our lunch. 

 This, my friends, is August and Levon. August danced all the way down the sidewalk while Levon marched along like a man on a mission. We got our pizzas and I got a can of black beans and a can of pinto beans to make chili with. I also bought them each a Nutty Buddy, not realizing that the ones I bought them were the most GIGANTIC NUTTY BUDDIES in the world. 
I just wanted to get out of there. 

We walked home and I cooked the pizzas and the men came in for a delicious gourmet (hahahahahahaha!) lunch and then went back to work. I finally got Jessie to really settle down for a nap and Levon needed one too so he snuggled with her in the Boppy chair and August built a terrific Lincoln Log house and I made the chili. 
Then he showed me some magic tricks he knows involving cards and then I showed him how to play gin rummy. 
Oh, Jesus, y'all. 

I am not even kidding you. He grasped the concepts and developed his own strategy in thirty minutes. 
I give up. 

I didn't even bother to tell him that you usually play until one of the players reaches 500 points. I just went and stirred the chili. 

By then the men were about ready to call it a day and began to pack up their tools. August ended up playing Life with Levon, making Jessie's and my moves himself. 
He won that too but I am a bit suspicious of that. 

I sent them home with chili and Mr. Moon has made us a martini and I could not be happier. It was a good day but I wish I'd been able to help Jessie rest more than I did. I know she's doing too much. Even Vergil says that when he was three days post-op from his ONE hernia repair he was still in bed, moaning. 
Women. We don't stop. 

An interesting thing that happened today was watching what was happening between Sophie and the cats. At first they were incredibly suspicious of her, hissing and freezing in their tracks whenever they saw her. But by the end of the day, both Jack and Maurice seemed more curious about her than anything. In fact, Maurice was making an appearance far more than she ever does when just the children are here. She allowed Sophie to get quite close to her. Closer than she lets Jack approach her. And Jack was acting completely chill about and around her by the time they left. 
And I will not lie- Sophie did manage to inhale a bowl of cat food. So- good associations for her of the cats in this house. 
She is a good dog, that Sophie, never trying to chase or harass the cats at all, keeping her distance politely. 

A few people have asked me my recipe for dumplings and of course I do not have one but here's how I basically make mine:
I take some self-rising flour (let's say maybe a cup and a half) and add a very small pinch of baking soda. I mix that up with my fingers. Then I add buttermilk, carefully, stirring it in until I have a not-too-oozy but not-too-stiff batter. Don't mix too much. Just make sure all the flour/baking soda is mixed in. You can do a trial run with just a tablespoon of the mixture in the simmering broth. If the dumpling falls apart, you have added too much buttermilk, so mix in more self-rising flour. If the dumpling doesn't puff up and seems dense, you need more buttermilk. 

That's it. 

Now I'm going to go make some cornbread. And I think I will sleep until 7:45 tomorrow! Thank you, time change, for making me feel less slothful. 

Be well, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Jessie's so lovely, even when she's recovering from surgery, wrapped up in a quilt and a dog!

  2. Oh dear, that tree at the post office looks like it came from the dump.

  3. that is a sad tree at Post Office.....but it *is* a tree. With spirit, I presume. Hope Jessie will rest more..... and you...enjoy your Martini!
    Susan M

    1. It is so sad. know. I am sure the spirit behind it was good.

  4. Our post office will not put up any such display. They say it's against USPS regulations. They won't even put out a box to collect food for the needy at Christmas. Against regulations. And that's a shame. The last postmistress collected, and since the entire village uses the post office, it was the best collecting spot.

    1. It probably is against USPS regulations. But this is Lloyd and I am not sure they even really know we're here. I like the PO collection idea.

  5. Replies
    1. Looking it up I see it is really called a Drum Stick. An ice cream cone with peanuts and chocolate and probably crack.

  6. I have given up on dumplings altogether. I remember "Life", the kids played it for a while and then passed the game on to another family.
    I hope Jessie gets enough rest.
    I also would like to know what is a Nutty Buddy please.
    Do you not have guttering along the edges of your roofs there?

    1. I think I may look for a newer version of Life than the one I have. It's slightly dated if by "slightly" I mean ridiculously. I seriously doubt Jessie is getting or will get enough rest.
      See above about the Nutty Buddy.
      Many houses do have gutters. We don't. I don't know why.

  7. Ain't that the truth that women never stop!!! My mom was shocked when I was sent home from hospital the day after giving birth because in her day women stayed in bed for a couple of weeks and the neighbour women took care of everything! I guess that's the world we live in though isn't it. Oh and thanks for that dumpling recipe. I LOVE dumplings (who doesn't) so I'm going to give them a try!

    1. I hope your dumplings come out well!
      And yes, women used to really get a break when they had a baby but not any more. Not even after a C-section.

  8. Women have major surgery, C section, and then get sent home with a brand new baby too. Women are definitely the stronger of the two sexes.
    I made dumpling last night with the stew I made, they did not turn out. I'll try your recipe, although we don't have self rising flour here, I'll sort it out.
    Have a lovely week. I'm off to work.

    1. I know! If men had a major surgery, they surely would not be sent home with a newborn to breastfeed. I'd pay to see that, though.
      Let me know how your dumplings come out.

  9. Hope Jessie gets a good rest when the boys are in school.
    It was a nice day spent together!

    1. I hoped that myself but somehow I doubt she did.

  10. Wait -- why is Vergil on the roof? I think I missed something!

    I'm amazed Jessie could have that dog on her lap having just had hernia surgery. (And yes, Sophie does look headless in that picture! Ha!)

    Glad the boys were well-behaved and didn't mind the trek to the GDDG. I imagine at that age pizza is pizza, gourmet or not!

    1. They did the surgery laparoscopicly so she only has three little cuts in her belly. But still- you're probably right. Sophie's been more of a problem than the boys when it comes to keeping creatures off her tummy. That dog loves her mommy.
      Hey- not unlike the boys I can appreciate a good frozen pizza too. It's got its own special charms, doesn't it?

  11. GDDG, and no Shame, had me LMAO... our Friend Dino lives in a small community called Rainbow Valley and when one was beinmg built there everyone was protesting it and he cracks up now that every time he's in there, everyone who protested it is in there and often. *LOL* Se la vie. Loved the Boys Dancing down the Street and on a Mission, Kids have such Joy, it's contagious when you're around them. Your new Roof looks fantastic.

  12. I don't go to the GDDG THAT often but I am surely glad it's there when I need something that I would otherwise have to drive to Tallahassee to get. I admit it.
    Kids can certainly be joyful. You are right.
    We are proud of our new roof!

  13. So glad to see Jessie recuperating and cozy at her MaMer's. You do such a good job with those gorgeous boys. Sending love to the Moon's One and All. x0x0N2


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