Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Opera House Stairway

I am back from the Opera House. We painted and went to lunch too. I had a fried green tomato salad and it had shrimp and feta on it as well as FGTs. Man. It was good.

Truvy's beauty salon is going to be mint chiffon with salmon-pink trim. Salmon-pink because we had some rusty-red and mixed it with white and it looks fine.

There's no one here at the house because Mr. Moon has gone to a basketball game and there's a sink full of dishes but I'm going to go take a nap because we're going out tonight to see Lon and Lis and I didn't sleep for shit last night, waking every hour and sometimes more and despairing of life in general as you do when you wake up from sleep so often. I kept picking up in my mind where I had left off going over my lines during my last wakening and no, it was not restful.

So. A nap.

And I haven't answered comments in a day or so but what can I say? I need sleep. I am old. So consider them answered by me saying, "I love you all, thanks for saying you like my hair."
And Lucy- you can say my hair was gray. It's okay. It's the truth. And I'm going back to it eventually, you can bet on that.

Anyway, that's that and here I go.


  1. Have a nice nap; love those stained glass windows.

  2. Wishing you a lovely evening with Lon and Lis at the Mockingbird. I've been quite remiss in the business of Reading the Blogs I Love, so will catch up as I can. In the meantime, sending lots of love.

  3. love this shot...this capture of you in a place you love.

    sweet dreams...

  4. I like the photo of the stairs, the stained glass and you in the mirror...great shot! I hope tonight you sleep soundly and restfully. You have had quite a week...take care dear lady.

  5. Grey, red, red, grey. You're beautiful.

  6. Hope the nap helped.
    Glad you're taking care of yourself.
    Don't worry about replying. We hear you in our heads!
    Love you MM.

  7. I wish I knew how to take naps/sleep like you do!

    wv: hedldhed. Must be related to redldhed and bedldhed.

  8. Beautiful place it appears. Looks to be Victorian era. Napping is more important than dishes.

  9. The stairwell is beautiful. I nap on the weekends, too. There is nothing like it.


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