Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ah. What a day. As my friend Sue used to say, "I have the saddies."
Well, when Owen was here, it was wonderful. The depth of emotions I was feeling was powerful and every time I picked him up I kissed him and I sang songs to him and I asked him, "Who loves Owen?" and I went through everyone who loves him, from Mama and Daddy to his other grandmother and great grandmothers and uncles and aunts and his Bop-Bop and Mer-Mer.
He smiled.
God, this boy is loved.

I thought I had posted a clip from Steel Magnolias and a small tribute film to Colin that our dear Marcy's husband, Fred, had made and sent to me but dammit, no, they wouldn't work because of privacy restrictions and this internet thing is complicated for us old fuckers who came of age when transistor radios were the hottest new technology going.

You can laugh at us if you want but let me tell you something- we were born before computers were invented and we remember when it took a block's worth of computers to send a man into space and telephones were heavy black objects that had DIALS and if you were rich, you had two. And if you were not, you had a damn party line.
We're doing the best we can here, us old people, to keep up with technology and it's a miracle if we get anything online.

So. Here I am, hopefully downloading one of my crappy home-made movies on a small machine that could take the place of that block's worth of computers that sent the first man into space. I am not exaggerating, either.

Owen and I made bread together today and we fed chickens, of course, and we swept together.
Brooms are the sort of technology I understand. A handle, a gathered group of bristles.
I also like shovels and mixers and my stove which is gas so I can actually see a flame under my pot.
And diaper pins and my washing machine and my Sony Walkman.
And right now, Mr. Moon is changing the oil in my car and I still have the saddies but tomorrow- well, another day.
And maybe the saddies are nothing but deep, deep emotion and if so, that's okay.

And I will get those clips posted somehow because I am a selfish, selfish woman and I want a tribute to Colin Rolfe on my blog. And oh yeah, a small clip from Steel Magnolias would be nice.

Can I get a witness?

Could I get tech support?
That would be nice.

And since I'm asking- a new novel by Larry McMurtry? One of the good ones? With no incest or mean, drankin' daddies?



  1. Ah, the saddies... They didn't show up here today until afternoon, perhaps because we're three hours behind out here?

  2. I was sick, sick today. I actually had to leave work and literally take to my bed. I just got up. And now I'm fine...its very was like it never happened at all.

    Anyway, yes, tomorrow is another day.

    BTW, I used to live on Rolfe Street in my old house :)

  3. Amen!

    And Ms. Moon - you too, just like Owen, are so, so loved.

  4. I remember the days when punch cards were used. Thanks for your comment. The saddies can strike any time. I am chasing them away.

  5. Hope the saddies are long gone and you are having a fantastic evening. I loved the pictures from your last post, and showed Kyle the boks boks. He got to chase some around a yard yesterday and was very excited. Also just in case you didn't know Owen is not the only one loved in your house. Take care.

  6. Lisa- Perhaps...

    SJ- Rolfe Street. What a lovely address. I am so glad you are better.

    Amna- Thank-you, sweet woman.

    Syd- Good! Chase 'em out. Here's a broom...

    Mr. Shife- You AND your son are adorable. Thank-you.

  7. Since you can post video clips, you are ahead of me on the new technology. I think you are doing just great.

    Love you!


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