Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well. Here we are. Five days before Christmas and I am NOT ready. In fact, I feel sort of sick to my stomach. Speaking of sick, my youngest seems to have the flu. She went from a sore throat and no fever yesterday to a sore throat, feeling terrible, and a fever last night. Bah! I hate it when my kids are sick as much now as I did when they were babies.

She's a strong, healthy girl, though, and I'm sure she'll make it through this. I just hope it's in time for Christmas. It's sort of reassuring to remember that she was sick with something similar last Christmas, and the Christmas before that the poor child had poison ivy covering every inch of her body. That was the same Christmas my dermatologist had convinced me to go through a regime of an extremely evil medication called Effudex which is supposed to find and destroy precancerous skin lesions and let me just say that my whole entire face must be made up of precancerous skin lesions because my usually mild complexion turned red, raw and ugly and when I finally got tired of the blood on my pillow and the small children running from the sight of me, I quit using it. We did not take a lot of pictures that year.

Today I figure I can get all my baking done, wrap all the presents and finish up the blanket I'm making for my niece. That sounds doable, right?

Sure, if I'm blessed with a freaking Christmas miracle.

And I'd like to say that a very, very old friend of mine (he must be old, he's the same age I am) is blogging now. If you enjoyed the comment left by B. Boy on my last post, check him out at
The man can rant and he's not afraid to say what he thinks. This could get scary. You might want to wear safety goggles.

Anyway, I hope all of you are having a wonderful time of it and that your presents are wrapped and lying under the tree, unless like at our house where if you put the presents under the tree the dogs pee on them, and that your days are merry and bright.

And so forth.

Try to remember that just because eggnog has eggs in it, it's not actually a breakfast beverage and let's all get this thing done!

Oh hell. What am I saying? Eggnog can be breakfast if you want it to be. I would recommend, though, that you use the light rum before noon.



  1. I once tried to eat a bowl of granola with eggnog instead of milk. This may have been inspired by an illegal herb. At any rate, it was pretty disgusting.

  2. But that sort of sounds okay, right? Eggnog and granola.
    But I believe you. I'll stick to eggnog and bacon.

  3. Is Christmas really in five days? I thought it was at the end of December sometime.

  4. Oh yeah! You're right! What a relief.

  5. Yeah, I thought it sounded okay until I took a bite. Then my tongue tried to run away.

  6. Christmas? As in "tree"?

  7. For a good time, cook up some steelcut oat meal. If you haven't done steelcut, just trust me. Like oameal on Viagra.

    When it's hot & ready, add your favorite berry fruit, apricots, nuts or whatever, and then some fresh made eggnog! That's right kids, eggnog! Gotta be home made, none of that yellow crap from your local Winn Dixie.

    If it is after ten in the mornomg, a little Brandy or Grand Marnier and you'll think you're in N'awlins.

    Bon Appetit!

  8. Balboa (B Boy to those of you not-in-the-know)- I am the queen of steel-cut oatmeal. I cook it with almonds, berries and flax. And I still hate it. I am so over oatmeal. I try. I really do. But it never makes me happy.
    Eggnog might.

    Do you not have a tree for your Christmas yet, Ms. Lopo? Only five chopping days until Christmas. Get movin'!

  9. Dilemma, Ms. Moon: If I buy a real one, "fresh" from up north, if it's not already shedding, it will be by the time libbyllama, bighorn, little juancho and Juancho arrive New Year's Day. Do I get an artificial at WalMart? Where do I store the darn thing the rest of the year? Help! (Or should I ask Dr. Phil or Cary Tennis on

  10. I say decorate some plant in a pot that you already have. Any green thing with twinkly lights on it says "Christmas Tree" to me.
    Who says Christmas trees have to be pine, fir, or cedar?

  11. No tree on my account. I'm a Kwanzaa man now.

    Happy Imani!

  12. It's all about the light, isn't it?

  13. Haha Mary. I've never tried eggnog - maybe I will this year - I need something!!

    What was the cancer lesions thing? I've had all these random scaly pink rough spots on my skin show up the last few months - can't decide if its simply dry skin or something I should get checked - you never know. I hate going to the dermatologist though - they make me all self-conscious about my not perfect skin.

  14. Just wait 'til you get to the age where the dermatologist suggests you might want to try Retin A. Oh yeah! It was bad enough when _I_ thought my skin was looking old but then to have a professional suggest it- depressing.

  15. I actually have been on Retin-A before and had to have microdermabrasion several times (it improved my skin a little but nothing major). I had a bad 2nd degree burn on my face when I was a teen that scarred me... I don't think other people notice but I see it everyday in the mirror - but oh well it's taught me that beauty comes from within & to overlook other people's scars...

  16. Oh honey- I have seen your face under bright lights and I have never seen anything but beautiful skin.
    I promise you.


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