Sunday, April 16, 2023

Another Sunday


Today's been a little dicier for me but I have a strong feeling that it's because I have that pre-colonoscopy appointment tomorrow morning AND Mr. Moon will be leaving for Apalachicola to go spend a week with his sister. I am invited but I like for them to have their time together and also...well...anxiety. I may go down for a night or so. They fish and talk, and talk about fishing and go out to eat and just truly enjoy each other and I usually completely love some time alone but right now I feel a little discomforted at the thought of my sweetheart being gone, even though he'll be just a few hours away. He offered to cancel the trip but I cannot have that. I will be fine and there is nothing so wrong with me that I can't go about my activities of daily living as they used to talk so much about in nursing school. I mean, if I can pull border grass and coscomia by the cartful, I am not really in a pitiful state. 

And I did pull some more of those things today. I only worked for about an hour and I decided that I'd much rather be ironing and so I stopped and took a shower and indeed ironed some shirts for the man to take with him and watched another episode or two of "Parenthood." I truly enjoy that show although I have to say that it is rather unbelievable that the entire extended family manages to somehow magically get together so frequently for meals and kids' sporting events and concerts. Do these people not have other responsibilities? 
Ah well. It's TV, not reality. And in fact, it's not even reality TV! 

So, Mary- what have you done today with the other eight hours you've been awake? Gosh. I'm not sure. I did a crossword puzzle, worked on the jigsaw puzzle a little, made a Sunday morning breakfast, did a load of laundry, and picked things in the garden to make supper. That still doesn't sound like much. And it wasn't. 

It was fairly clear here all day until around five and then it began to darken and feel like things were going to change real fast (see photo above) and they did. We got a few good cracks of thunder and it poured down rain, so hard that I could barely see the hen house from the back porch. 

And now that I have just written that, the rain has almost completely stopped and the birds are already talking about it in the past tense. 

Would you like to see what I'm going to cook for our dinner tonight?
Of course you would. (That was sarcasm, by the way.)

All of that came from the garden and I am going to stir fry the lovelies with some chicken. Those are the last carrots, and the greens are collards and kale, the onions are just pulled, and trust me- I have about a gallon more peas than you see there. Sugar snaps. Have you ever eaten them? The pods are like sugar, and so are the peas within them. I think I may experiment with leaving them on the vine longer so that the peas get bigger and more formed. I'd love to eat a mess of those while Mr. Moon is gone. That would be even better than Le Sueur Baby Peas! It's funny that he will eat the sugar snaps happily even though regular English peas are not something he would willingly eat. Nor are cooked carrots but in a stir fry, they are fine. He is not a picky eater but there are a few things that he doesn't like and I do believe we all have foods that we don't enjoy. 
And that is okay. 

I hope that everyone has had a decent Sunday, doing whatever it is that makes you happy or makes you feel that you've accomplished something or that will give you what you need to get on with the week ahead of us. 

I'll be back tomorrow after I've met with Dr. Hong Gao. She is a woman so there's that. Can you believe that people used to go their entire lives without feeling the need to get a camera shoved up their butts after 24 hours of drinking a liquid that causes you to spend hours and hours on the toilet? 
I am hanging on to the thought that the drugs are SO good. Unfortunately, the effects cannot be enjoyed for more than a few seconds before they knock you out,  and also, they can and do create a sort of black-out experience that I hate. 
"Are you sure the doctor said everything was okay?" I kept asking Glen after my last colonoscopy. Because I could not remember talking to him. Too weird. And yet, not weird enough to forego the drugs. No way. I don't care how small that camera is, I don't want to be conscious for its presence in my body. Better living through chemistry and all that. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Just remember to breathe and ground yourself. You will be fine.
    A pet hate of mine is doctors delivering information after a patient has had sedation of any kind. At least give them something in writing as well.

  2. I love that the larger orange carrot appears to be hugging the smaller yellow carrot! That's what I see, anyway. The *pre* appt. is a breeze from what I've heard.....but yeah, the camera up the hiney is not something pleasant to ponder....drugs or not. You did WAY more than any normal person..... I.....managed to make stuffed cabbage rolls, which I don't do often. Recipe (that I loosely follow) says prep time 20 minutes. WHO are these people kidding? Lets add 2 or 3 hours to that, OK? and that was my day....other than laundry and of course, major kitchen cleanup after said cabbage rolls got stuffed. I will think of you tomorrow, I trust it will go well but yes..... Mr Moon being gone is a mixed blessing, eh?
    Susan M

  3. I hear you about wanting to be unconscious for the camera up your butt part!😂 I guess it’s a ‘necessary evil’, and definitely not sure to look forward to…! It’ll be over before you know it 🙏In gardening news, I’m so excited that the planting season has started here! Lettuce, carrots, snap peas and snow peas are emerging! Snap peas are such a delightful start of the season here- I live just eating them off the vine! Best wishes for the coming week.. from Rigmor🤗

  4. The very same storm roared through my back yard, the very same way! At least. it seemed like it! Now it's quite cold out, colder than the beautiful weather of the last week, and forecast to stay that way for much of April. So much for spring. It seems I never put away the feather before May, and this year is the same. Kitty will like it.

  5. your storm came here at about 10 in the morning and stayed- all day!

  6. I had a wonderful Sunday filling the freezer with home made stuff like garlic burgers which are just seasoned beef patties with extra minced garlic, chicken schnitzels ready-to-cook and a big batch of "hotpot" sauce which is divided into six containers and when thawed is reheated and served with either grilled sausages or grilled chicken with a side of steamed rice and greens.
    I hope you colonoscopy gets the "all clear" again. I started with the "twilight" sleep for mine 7 years ago now but was feeling it too much so they knocked me out.

  7. We don't get a pre-colonoscopy appt here. If only they could fix that prep, it would be a breeze... Good luck with all of that!
    I meant to tell you that my middle son and his wife bought a house in a suburb of Houston, TX and it comes with chickens (and maybe bunnies). They are not sure which animals are being left and whether they will want to keep them... "TBD" my son texted...

  8. We had a massive rainstorm the other day, roads flooded all around. Maybe it's the same system. I hope all goes well with the colonoscopy. They don't do it for people after I think 75, yay. Unless they have symptoms, that is. Anyway years since I had to do one. I never noticed any happy from drugs. Just one minute chatting, next waking up done with!

  9. We got a taste of that storm up here as well. It shuffled in and back out again in pretty short order, but what a lot of rain it was!

  10. I've never had a colonoscopy and don't intend to ever have one. For one thing, I don't think I could drink all that stuff without throwing up. I do the poop test and so far so good. having the house to myself for a few days or a week is just a fantasy now thanks to covid. Marc no longer goes and spends a week in Colorado hanging out with my brother while he skis.

  11. In England they don't knock you out for a colonoscopy, which I miss. Those knockout drugs in the states are FANTASTIC. Here you just get a twilight experience, and you can remember everything.

    It is funny that we all do this so regularly now, when not so many decades ago it would have been unthinkable. At least on a routine basis.

    Ah yes, those Florida downpours!


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