Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This Is What My Computer's Been Staring At All Day Long

Is this what they're talking about when they say if you do it too much you'll go blind?


  1. Uh,I kinda' doubt it. But if you've been working on your book, that's a good thing! I do copy editing and proofreading for my own little business, and I've had many days like that, only I'm looking at someone else's stuff, not my own creation.

  2. Your computer could do a lot worse. Mine would trade spots in a minute! At least your not swearing and yelling at it, like I do mine.

  3. I think that phrase refers to something else that I hope I don't see a picture of on your blog.
    Hope the book does get published, just think what a great feeling it would be to hold the finished, bound copy in your hand, with the smell of new paper and ink and that crackly 'new book' feel.

  4. Nannygoat- Yep. My own book.

    HWB- I never swear at my MacBook. Ever. That would be bad.

    Rachel- you can bet the ranch you'll never see what you are referring to as a picture on my blog. I think.
    And of course, there is always that part of me which would die and go to heaven if I ever held a copy of a real book in my hand that I had written.
    But, truthfully, the writing is the joy. Any more than that would be pure gravy.

  5. I can't wait to read your book. Promise you'll let us know when it hits the stands?

  6. Well, if it ever gets published, you'll hear me screaming.


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