Friday, September 12, 2008

Downtown Guy's Poem In Response To That Last Post

He wrote it as a comment, but I'm using it for a post. It's too good. And oh yeah, he's my son so he knows me all too well.

When I am a grown woman I shall wear purple cargo shorts
With a red tank top which goes well enough for Lloyd and suits me fine.
And I shall spend our hard-earned cash on blue cheese olives and Macs
And second hand shoes, and say we've no money to give the government for a war we should have never started.
I shall sit down on one of my porches with my love when I'm tired
And go to lunch with my exhusband's wife and dance when my friends play music
And celebrate my children and nieces and nephews
And make up for the responsibilities I had to carry in my youth.
I shall go out barefoot in the garden I tend in rain and shine
And pick the greens and tomatoes we've grown our own selves.
And I don't need any practice,
Because people who know me can not be shocked and surprised
When I am a grown woman and start to wear purple.


  1. I love this! It's really good!
    And I love purple, too, Right now I'm wearing purple glasses, I have one shade of purple on my fingernails, and I have another shade of purple on my toes. It's an awesome color.

  2. Well, you know, it's just a modified for you version of that when I am an old woman I shall wear purple poem.

  3. That is a really awesome poem. Mr. D. Guy, you sure do know how to capture our mama. And what an awesome mama we have.

  4. I'm glad you're wearing purple now - it will change your life - but you are TOO young for the Red Hat Society - and that earthquake you felt last night during the ABC News, when she said 'nuke-you-lar' was me jumping up and down and pounding my fist on my (carpeted) floor and screaming 'nuke-lee-er you moron, nuke-lee-er!' I should really take a Xanax whenever someone says 'nuke-you-lar,' but if I had been doing that for the past 8 years, I'd be an addict by now!

  5. Now that is something to make ya smile when your son writes a poem such as this about you. :)

  6. Love the poem, and I am crying with tears over my other blog's comment!

  7. Well, obviously I just need to get my kids to write my blog for me.
    MOB- I had to get that one in there. The word is not that hard to say and yet, no one in power seems to be able to say it. Oh wait! Obama can. Hmmmm...

  8. Oh My GOSH!!! I LOVE LOVE that poem. Aaahhhhh..... that's just so sweet, ms moon. You are SO wealthy.

  9. There is a series of books I've
    received that are titled

    ''When I am old, I'll wear purple'',
    I think the author has written
    3 of them, and sadly, they have
    all been borrowed out of my library, however, those books are great - and this sounds strikingly
    like one of the poems/thoughts..from the series now.

    Hi nice to meet you - :) I came here totally as a result of the comment you left on PW's blog today .. :)



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