Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shut Up

Shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!

I watched some of the debate last night between the two Democratic candidates and that is my response to what I saw.

What tore it for me was when they ran the video question from a snarky woman voter in Pennsylvania who asked Senator Obama why he doesn't wear a flag pin on his lapel.

She REALLY needs to shut up.

As if wearing a fucking flag pin on your lapel would qualify you for being president. Or as if not wearing one indicated your lack of love for the Greatest Country Ever In The History Of The Entire Universe With God On Its Side.

The questions posed to the candidates have gone below what they scrape from the bottom of the barrel. They're ridiculous, meaningless and reflect exactly why we have the president we have now. We obviously want a president who is no smarter than we are and with whom we would not feel uncomfortable if given the opportunity to hang out and slam a few shots and beers.
Because that's going to happen, right?
Forget all that bullshit about actually knowing something about foreign policy, the economy, the environment or health care.
Nah. That stuff is too BIG for us to understand and anyway, we have GOD on our side and His Mighty Magic Wand will be taking care of all that so let's elect a president we feel comfortable with and certainly not one who's elitist. Heaven fucking forbid.

Yeah! Let's go bowling! Let's go hunting! Let's go to church!

Oh. But not Reverend Wright's church. And by the way, Senator, do you think that Reverend Wright loves his country as much as you do?


Here's what I think- I think that Senator Clinton and Senator Obama know at this point that one of them will be the presidential nominee and the other will be the vice-presidential nominee. Has to be. And that this silly, sniping crap coming out of their mouths about each other is not going to serve them well when they're running as a team.
And they know it. You can see it in their faces and hear it in their responses.
But what can they do? Tell the media to fuck off?

Because the media is fanning these tiny fires of bullshit like frantic Survivor contestants trying
to get a fire going to cook their tasty rats on.

I've said it before and I'll say it again- why would anyone want to go through this process? Here these two obviously well-qualified and intelligent candidates are having to answer questions about their elitism-levels while McCain gets a free ride despite the fact that every time he opens his mouth about something important he gaffes another big one.

I don't know what the answer is to ending this farce of a process but perhaps spending less time on it would be a start. Looking into the faces of Clinton and Obama last night revealed two people who obviously need a month's worth of sleep.

And maybe, if everyone would just shut up, they could get it and we'd all be better off.
They could wake up, have a cup of coffee, face the results of the final primaries, join as a team and get this job done.

Because if another Republican gets in the White House, the only people who are going to come out as winners are the people who make flag pins.

Which we'll all probably be required by law to wear in our lapels.

And I'll be in Mexico, wearing a huipil, which has no lapels, sitting outside watching the sun set right off the balcony of my house. Where I'll be living. Because I can't stand this bullshit any more.


  1. Can Steph and I move to Mexico with you??? Please???
    Seriously, we haven't even made it to the conventions and "I approve this message" commercials, and I'm already sick of this.

  2. Vayamos!
    We'll all go! They have plenty of internet south of the border, plus good food, good drink, and very, very nice people.
    And, it's completely expected for the government on all levels to be corrupt which eliminates the bullshit factor somewhat.
    At least that's what I think.

  3. Ms. Moon, This blog entry should definitely be sent to some major blog -- or better yet, let's get a video of you giving this speech and post it to youtube and you will hear a resounding "AMEN!!!" across the country that I will hear all the way down here in the Yucatan!!

    P.S. Sadly, I watched the gubernatorial election in the State of Yucatan and I would say the bullshit factor here was extremely high. :(

  4. I take it you people aren't wearing your flag pins today. If I could just get a list of your names, social security numbers, and current addresses please...

  5. Don't forget DNA, which the government intends to begin collecting from everyone arrested, regardless of conviction.

  6. In only gets scarier, doesn't it?

  7. Hey, I just read 32 dystopian novels in a row. It's all scary to me right now.

  8. Sweetheart- it's time to read something else.
    Really. You're going to damage something in your head.

  9. I lost my flag pin some time after the Iraq war started and we didn't find WMD.
    I don't think either Democratic candidate is going to accept the VP nomination, and I can't see them working together. Obama would be stupid to run as Clinton's VP - he's young, he has a future, he'll run again, if he doesn't get the nomination this time.

  10. So- Ms. Other Blog, you're saying that if Obama settled for VP it would be like Clinton saying, "I'm going to fuck this chicken, you hold the wings?"
    Actually, come to think of it, I think that Dick Cheney and Carl Rove fucked that chicken while Bush held the wings.
    If I show up missing, come look for me down at Guantanamo.

  11. Actually, I think if Obama ran as Clinton's VP and they lose, she'd accuse him of fucking the chicken and deny that she held the wings! And, if they win, he can kiss any hopes of ever being president himself goodbye, unless she dies while in office.

  12. HAH! excellent rant my friend! flag pen! I almost fell out of my seat with that question! We roared in disgust over and over at the reality tv wannabees (Survivor, you hit it right on the mark!) and yes both candidates look like they need a good long sleep, but I think Obama can do it I really do, without Clinton even (she's coming a bit unraveled, but who wouldn't be under this crazy system!) but Obama.... he's holding up, calming down even under this pressure. I'm liking him more and more. Whoa! did I just endorse a candidate? Hold on.... this feels weird... never mind just yet... I gotta go find my flag pen...

  13. OMG. I also watched this charade and kept saying to Jake,"This isn't a debate!". It's display of politics, religion, and minutae. We changed the channel and watched the Human Footprint which was filmed in my neck of the woods. Rant away Lady!


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