Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Post Mortum Reaction

I think I may have mentioned in a former post that after my friend Sue died, I spent at least a month incapable of much more than lying in a fetal position on the couch watching infomercials on TV. Although I knew this was not a life nor was it an appropriate response to the death of a friend, I just could not help it. I suppose, looking back, it was better than simply lying in a fetal position in bed.
I feel now, after Lynn's death, that I am not as profoundly affected in such an incapacitating way. However, upon observing my latest major time-sucking activity, I think I may be in error in thinking that.
I found, by chance, a blog site that I have spent more hours reading than I would admit to anyone in the entire world. Thank God my dogs can't talk and report me to the authorities on this one. And you'd think, wouldn't you? that reading one person's blog would be a sort of self-limiting activity because there is an actual end to the entries. However, in this case, this person has been blogging since 2001 and has put up a new blog at least daily for most of the past seven years.
It's mind-boggling and I am nowhere near caught up to the present time, although of course I have been "cheating" by reading the newest ones too and let me add- this person's spouse has his own blog so I can read two different takes on the same situations and, well, I think I need to get to a meeting or something.
I am not going to mention the name or address of this site because although I think I am only doing this obsessive blog-reading in a weird sort of grief reaction, it may be that the site is actually crack you can consume without the use of a clumsy pipe.
I really don't want to contribute to anyone else's addictions. I'm sure we all have more than our share of THOSE.
I need to get out of the house and I am going to do that. Right now. I'm telling you the truth.
And let me also add that all the flowers that came into the house for Lynn's party have now died and I've taken them outside and dumped them in the woods and emptied their vases of the smelly ick-water and swept up the petals from the floor.
This seems profound somehow, although I'm sure it's not really.


  1. These bloggers wouldn't be in AK would they?

  2. No. I read that blog (if it's the one I'm thinking of) but the most I can barely handle is one a day. WAAAAAY too intimidating, plus- she makes me feel like the world's biggest wussy and the world's most vocal whiner.
    Her man has a blog too???!!

  3. You're not going to tell us???? Really? I won't get hooked! I'll just look once, I swear. Besides I have hardly anytime to visit the ones I want to visit now, so surely... come on! ;)

    Actually, don't tell me. No. I don't want to know. Hell! Yes I do! Come on!! :)

  4. Oh, Ample. I'm afraid. You have a child whom you will neglect. Your laundry will stack up. Your husband will come home to find a can of tuna with a can opener beside it for his dinner.
    I'm doing you a huge favor here.
    In my (and the blogger's) defense, reading her is like reading a book, only one blog entry at a time.

  5. I don't believe this!!! And this is coming from the woman who practically made me STOP blogging after I discovered so many hits from her ISP, which goes through Apopka, Florida that I thought my future-ex had found my blog! (You don't have to tell everyone else, but send the blog addresses to me, to the email address on my blog!)

  6. MOB- that whole deal was a technical issue on my part. I'd explain but it would be too embarrassing.

  7. Hi, I found you through....um, one of those very blogs you won't mention :). And I've stopped by once or twice. I admit that I'm enchanted with the name Mary Moon. I makes me think of a children's book that would have been my favorite book ever...if it actually existed, that is. But I just had to comment here, on this post, because that first blog? was my first blog addiction. Crack? um yeah, pretty much. For the record, my favorite children's book was Miss Suzy's Tree House.
    Anyway, I love the way you write, and will stop back again... Enjoy the heat and your porch, but maybe not in that order :)

  8. Wow. What a sweet message. Thank you for coming by. Thank you for saying what you said.
    I am going to visit you so please write more. Okay?
    Be well and enjoy your summer vacation....

  9. Hey, no fair.
    I wanna see too.

  10. Bethany- It was just dooce.com
    I was obsessed with going back and reading her old posts. It was an illness.

  11. As I sit her feeling guilty for sneaking a read of your blog when I should be working, I can tell you that I CAN RELATE!


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