Thursday, May 18, 2023

In The Groove

I have had a very fine day today. I told Mr. Moon last night when I was going to bed that I had absolutely nothing planned today except for cleaning the toilets so I might just sleep all day. 
He laughed. He knew that was not going to happen. 
And it didn't. 

I decided to take a walk and before I left he said, "Enjoy it!" and I said, "I won't," but I did. I stayed mostly in the shade and although I walked further than I did on Monday, it feel so much easier. I first walked down Highway 59 a little ways because I wanted to look at the creek so I did and that's what it looked like. A little murky from all this rain we've been having. But damn- even a murky old mud-bottomed creek can look pretty and peaceful when the sun's shining on it and it meanders through the woods. 

Then I turned back around and walked the mean (haha!) streets of Lloyd, staying, as I said, mostly in the shade. I wanted to see how the fally down house was doing and it is slowly, slowly making its way to the ground. 

I risked poison ivy and walked closer to it to take some of these pictures. Age, insects, and weather have almost defeated it. I always wonder if there will be a final and sudden collapsing of it or if it will just continue to slowly succumb to the inevitable the way it's been doing for a very long time now. Probably that. Unless we get a hurricane that just takes it down in an hour. And that very much could happen. 

The mimosa trees are blooming. Here's an example of their blooms which look like pink, cheerful powder puffs. 

As pretty as that is, they are invasive and should not be grown. This one was all by itself on the side of the road, perhaps seeded or suckered from one planted long ago in a nearby yard. 

And one more picture from my walk. 

Some of the beautiful trees that gave me shade. 

After my walk I picked a few more green beans and decided to go ahead and get the canning kettle out and start pickling some. I won't have time tomorrow or Saturday and although I didn't have that many beans, I figured I might as well do up what I had. 

But it felt good to get back into the swing of it all, sterilizing jars and lids and prepping the beans and measuring out the vinegar and water and spices, packing the beans into the jars, putting their lids on, putting them back in the boiling water bath, taking them out, waiting for the "pop" of the lid that means all has gone as it should. 
And please note that we have already eaten quite a few and I've given some to Hank and Rachel and Jessie and we have JUST BEGUN!

I need to get back in the kitchen and make supper. I have dough rising for naan which I'm hoping will make the coconut curried chicken I'm about to cook an acceptable meal for Mr. Moon who is not a huge fan of curry although he IS a huge fan of naan and really, who isn't? 

And by the way, I did get the toilets cleaned. 
What a great day!

Love...Ms. Moon 



  1. "Age, insects and weather have almost defeated it", well, and so say all of us more mature folk. also taxes, but houses don't pay them directly.

  2. Those little jars of beans look so good. So productive!

  3. I love fresh green beans. I could eat them all day. Lucky you.
    Your walk appears to be very peaceful if a tad warm.
    I am glad you have clean toilets

  4. The creek and the mimosa look very lovely. The fally down house too in a different way. I expect it will slowly keep falling another winter or two then just collapse in a heap which will then gradually disappear into the ground. it's an interesting sort of thing to watch over the years.

  5. My recent discovery re cleaning toilets: A dishwasher tablet and a kettle of boiling water. You'll still need to do the rims etc., though ...
    Greetngs from cleanliness-obsessed Switzerland

  6. So much green. We have a lot of barns that are just left to fall in on themselves. We noticed that some of our bad windstorms have done them in.

  7. Susan Z from OhioMay 19, 2023 at 7:35 AM

    You get more done in a day than most any person I know. That list of accomplishments is a lot more than just scrubbing the toilets. You are a wonder, Mary Moon. And I love the way Mr. Moon laughs at you as no one seems to enjoy the "you-ness" of you more than he does.

  8. Sounds like a great walk. The Fally-Down House has fallen a lot since I last visited. I remember walking inside it!

    Isn't everything invasive in Florida? I remember planting a mimosa tree in our yard when I was a kid. Perhaps fortunately, it died.

  9. Glad you enjoyed your day, Mary! Hope you have a sweet weekend!

  10. I was taught many years ago to thank the lid for going "pop". Hubby gets so aggravated when I say "thank you" in the night when I hear a lid pop! You would think the owners of the land that the falling down structure is on would help it out a little so those fallen pieces of lumber, etc. do not go flying during one of your many storms.


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