Monday, July 13, 2009

Tell Me, Please.

I am having a blog problem, y'all.
It's a problem of time.
Like right now, this very second, I am just back from town where I did several things including buying a duplex (long story) and finding a bathing suit. I did it! I found my second bathing suit! And I was so used to hitting my head with that brick that it hardly hurt at all.
Found this one at TJ Maxx and it is black and it is fine except that it's missing the optional strap thingee and since it won't be optional for me, I have to go out and find one but May says if I go to Victoria's Secret and tell them that I lost the strap to my strapless bra, they'll give me one.

Anyway, la-di-dah and so forth. It is now four o'clock in the afternoon, I have been running around since seven thirty this morning, Mr. Moon has left to go out of town, I need to muck out the chicken coops, plant some okra (no, I still haven't done that), finish tidying up a few more cabinets in the kitchen, do something about that mess on top of the refrigerator, and today is the day I jar up the fourteen day sweet pickles. I have the jars in the water bath right now for the sterilization process. I have been taking pictures as I've gone along with this whole pickle-making exercise and will be posting a how-to thing on it later. Maybe even tonight! Who knows?

But here's the deal- there are eighteen unread blog posts in my google reader, I have not responded to one of the comments I've been left today and you KNOW I always respond to every one of them and if I forget one, please forgive me, it was out of error, not intent.
I am behind! Very much behind!

But if I don't do the things I need to do around here because I'm always blogging and reading blogs, I'll be out of a job because what would I have to blog about if I didn't have a life? Well, that's assuming I do have a life, which I sort of do, but if I don't get out there and take care of things I won't. You know what I mean.

So that's my dilemma- how do you take care of your blog-life while maintaining your "real life" or RL as they say in the blog biz? Like- Aunt Becky, how do you do this? AND YOU HAVE THREE KIDS, ONE OF WHOM IS AN INFANT! You must read about five thousand blogs a day and you always leave such sweet comments. And you blog every day! Despite the name of your blog, I sincerely doubt you are drinking much of anything except for Red Bulls in order to get all of this done. Do you eat? Do you sleep?

So okay. I have to go now. I forgot to mention the trash needs taking to the trash place which means I have to put on a bra. Yes, I wear a bra to go to the DUMP because the last time I went and decided that no, that old man who hangs out as the dump caretaker doesn't care whether or not I wear a bra, I ran into a guy I know and he hugged me! and I wasn't wearing a bra and OMG!!!! (It was Brad, Kids. Remember Brad? "We cut your grass, we trim your bush?" He is now the daddy of a one-year old girl whom he is raising on his own with the help of his grandma, the preacher, and his twin brother! Brad has a twin brother!)
Well. Life in Lloyd.

But seriously- any answers on how to maintain a blog and a polite and mannerly response and comment life while still doing things like mucking chicken pens and planting okra?
Helpful hints appreciated.

Love you truly....Ms. Moon

P.S. Please don't stop leaving comments in order to free up my time. I live and die by the comments. Really.


  1. I can't. I have no advice because I suck at it, to be totally honest. And I stepped on the toes of two of your friends and even though I apologized and meant it, I haven't heard back from either of them so I am really, really sad, and I can't go on vacation because I forgot to pay the phone bill and for fuck's sake WHY AM I SO STUPID? And then I read May's post about Lily and I wanted to cry, so I came over here. THAT has been my day, and I am a terrible reader and commenter and I, too, would wear a bra to the dump.

  2. I don't know how Becky does it, either, but I think she's said that she suffers from insomnia, so maybe she workds while everyone else is asleep. That's it! She's an elf!

    As for me, I don't have a whole lot going on right now, so I have been spending lots of time in blogland lately. When school is busy, I just catch up before I go to bed. I think my blogroll is probably shorter than yours, though. ;)

  3. Well, you know I go several days between posts. I write for a living (brief after brief after brief...) so while I love it and it is therapeutic for me, it's often hard for the inspiration to strike when it's ten at night and I'm finally sitting down to REALLY read my blogrolls and could actually write my own. I think sometimes that if I didn't work, I'd blog all the time because often in the mornings I am quite inspired and would love to be able to write at that point - but work bans all things blogging so alas, I can't.

    I do appreciate that you blog every day--and I'm serious, I really do appreciate it because I almost always read them on my lunch break and I like the routine I'm in :) BUT you don't have to blog every day. Especially when you're so busy. We understand!

  4. I got nothing. There are some days when my commenting falls by the wayside and other things come first. But, I love my blog world, as do you, so I never stay away for long. I'm sure your loyal following will cut you a little slack. We know you're planning for a trip.

    But, at the same time, the thought of a day without a Ms Moon post is rather disconcerting. Hmmm...

    Also, how the hell DOES Aunt Becky do it?! I have often wondered this myself. I am guessing she doesn't sleep, also. It's the only answer!

  5. Being new at this - not so much advice. Except I tend to leave the housework too much. So perhaps I should focus on my RL a little more.

  6. Also, I love you, Kori! I am in the wear-a-bra-to-the-dump crowd too!

  7. I will be no help. I neglect everything I should be doing to do lots of things I shouldn't.

    Brad sounds like he could possibly be a super- hott lawn and landscaping guy. And you hit the proverbial nail on the head with this bra/hugging connection. I never hug a man that I don't think about my bosom smashed against his chest, stomach or waist. You know, it all depends on how tall they are. And that's weird for me. And if I'm thinking about it, what is HE thinking?

    I'm bad about bras. I really hate them. I really need to wear them all of the time but I don't. Ha HA! I've put one on about 12 times this summer.

  8. i read different blogs on different days- i don't always comment either.

    seeing as i have really crappy teacher insurance i consider this my free therapy (they only pay half of 20 visits per year to a shrink and we have a 50$ copay for name brand drugs so i cant afford the real xanax) so blogging is like my outlet.

    congrats on the bathing suit- i have given up swimming unless dressed like a menonnite woman in a swimming outfit.


  9. For me, it would be easy - I don't like Okra, so I wouldn't plant it. If I actually had a life like you and Aunt Becky do, that would give me the time I needed to blog, comment, etc.
    That's how Aunt Becky does all that she does, BTW - she doesn't plant okra.

  10. My advice is don't stress about it. Just answer them when and if you can. If you cannot answer for a while, so be it. Just write down the date you stopped answering, make a little announcement like you did, and answer when ready. We will wait.

    I called to check up on you. I know you are missing the you baby... I'm glad you are keeping busy AND that you found a suit! congrats! Yea, TJ Max is great. Also I'm a big fan of the black one piece, classic. I'll bet you are a bombshell in it!

    Ok, gotta go do some damn thing. Hub has been away on biz since Friday. And I am grateful, but exhausted.
    xo pf Verify word BEDUPP

  11. This is why I don't write on my blog as much as I want. I have things to say most every day. Things I simply want to document so I have them later, or stories I want to share. But most of the time I can't manage it daily. Tonight I have a free hour ahead of me, and I want to read some blogs instead of writing my own. So I'll eat this here popcorn and drink my diet coke, and read some blogs. I do keep a list of post ideas I have, but it's getting too long and I know I won't have time to catch up until...never.

  12. Kori- Oh hell. Get over that. Total misunderstanding. No harm, no foul. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

    Ginger- But I NEED sleep.

    SJ- Honest to God, I always think of you when I'm wondering if I have time to post in the morning.

    Lady Lemon- Aunt Becky is a Super Hero of some sort.

    Mwa- Me too, baby. Me too.

    Ms. Trouble- Do you try to get away with those stretchy things? I do. And Brad? Oh. He's such a little boy. I can't believe he's a daddy. He's sweet.

    Ms. Alaineus- Did I spell that right? Anyway, blogging is my therapy too. And they are making actual swim dresses this year. So you might want to go hit up a sale.

    Ms. Lucy- Have you ever had FRIED okra? I bet you have not.

    Ms. Fleur- I got your call. I need to call you back. But I got my okra planted! Hurray!

  13. Ms. Moon, you do whatever you do and it will be wonderful. Do not feel pressure - that's a killer of blogs. And blogs are different for everybody. I read somebody's advice "Keep it short to keep people's attention" and I thought, wow, that's not good advice for me and everybody's goal is different. I do not write for an audience, though sometimes my friends check in.

    You are a good person even if you don't blog for days. Don't respond back all the time (think how people love Vegas - might even appreciate you more if it's more of a lottery than an every time thing), don't read & comment on others' blogs - and you know, you will still be an incredibly insightful wonderful person we appreciate however much we get.

  14. Yup. It's a super duper time sucker. But I too am thinking it's cheaper than therapy and I'm also thinking that it's easily just as effective. And maybe pathetic as it sounds, bloggy friends and bloggy love alleviates moments of lonliness and moments of blue. It's good stuff. Pretty hard to walk away from.

  15. Sheesh, my blog is sorely neglected. I've run out of blogging steam. I just had a hellish weekend without internet connection, but am still not blogging. Don't know why!

  16. i understand the time crunch. im with ya there. been so busy lately, i barely have time to read blogs. i have been missing yours more than most. so here i am. catching up.

  17. Hi, I understand very well, keep cool, take a long breath all the way down through your overalls ! we will all be happy !

  18. Niels- I sort of love you and your overalls.


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