Sunday, March 27, 2011


Bridal Wreath Spirea blossoms.

Elvis's chest markings.

Dogwood blooming against one of the largest live oaks I have ever seen. Which is in my backyard.

Ashe Magnolia's beginning blossom.

Sweet pansy faces.

Coming-up potatoes.

Collard blossoms with mirror and beautiful tin-art from Mexico that Michelle sent me. I taught Owen the word "boobies" using this two days ago.

Wild azalea blossom. The one. The only. It is beautiful, I think, even in its soon-to-be form.


  1. Loving your spring. Thanks Ms. Moon. Your yard is always so beautiful. And please keep posting all your Magnolia photos. You know those are my most favoritest. I really really want a Magnolia tree. STILL.

  2. oh.. just phenomenal.
    thank you.
    still snow covered and coveting all things bloom and blossom.

  3. Oh Elvis you make my heart go chicky boom boom boom.

    ps. Our magnolias look just like yours. How weird with our different coastal temps. Those magnolias don't take no for an answer.

  4. I'm envious of your spring and moved to have chickens AND potatoes in our new home.

    I love that I helped broaden Owens vocabulary. And I love boobies.


  5. Great photos. Good idea about those collard blossoms. They are nice.

  6. How beautiful. I'd love to come see your spring. Am finally getting back to working on my book and thinking about future book-signing trips and seeing some of the amazing people I follow. Sounds optimistic...but most often we find what we seek.

    You're having a beautiful spring & I appreciate your sharing it.

    New masthead, nice.

  7. I love your photos. It poured rain all weekend in GA and today also. So no yard observations other than seeing all the dogwoods out already.

  8. Live oaks are my favorite trees. They are synonymous with Savannah in my heart and brain.

  9. Elvis's chest feathers are stunning. What can I say but he is a good looking rooster all around.

    Those yellow and purple pansies are one of my favorites.

  10. Rebecca- I have three types of magnolias now. I'll post often about them, I'm sure.

    deb- Hell, we're already sticky and humid here. I'm going to be envying you soon.

    Madame R. King- Elvis is a swooner. I swear. And you're right about magnolias. Sturdy, strong, beautiful.

    Michelle- Yes! Potatoes, chickens AND peas! Why not? I knew you'd love me teaching the booby word to Owen. He's an appreciator of the breast, I tell you that.
    Love you, dear. So much.

    Syd- Too pretty to throw to the goats.

    Kathleen Scott- Oooh! Good words there on all fronts! You know where to find me.

    A- Sort of crazy pretty.

    Michele R- And everything is going to be so gorgeous after that rain!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I know what you mean. You're going to love these oaks. I promise.

    Mel's Way- I'm about to tear the pansies out to plant zinnias. I'm glad I got a nice picture before I do.

    Bethany- And I love YOU!

  11. Dear Mary, your garden looks beautiful. I still haven't managed to start mine. I shall this week and I shall think of you xx

  12. Oh, I love an Ashe magnolia! So wild and pretty - a breathless disheveled dryad version of its more stately, elegant cousin! And I have to agree about the native azalea blossom in its nascent soon-to-unfold state. Exquisite.

  13. That dogwood blooming just takes my breath away.


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